Course Outline

The complete program features actual case studies from one of the Top Ten, prestige business schools in the world..

You will learn key concepts and skills associated with a first-rate, Ivy League MBA program.
This will help you to function more effectively in an organizational environment, improve important managerial skills and increase your contribution to your company.

You will leave MBA IN A NUTSHELL® with a solid grounding in the various business disciplines, including:

Marketing & Product Management

•Customer Service and Customer Focus
•Dimensions of Buyer Perception
•Cognitive Dissonance
•Post-purchase Dissonance
•4 Ps: The Marketing Mix
•Dimensions of Market Segmentation
•Marketing Strategies
•Product Positioning
•Direct Response Marketing
•Sales & Sales Management

Accounting & Finance

•Risk Management
•Financial Statements
•Activity-Based Costing (ABC)
•Tax Reduction Considerations
•Depletion & Amortization
•Internal Control
•Improving Cash Flow
•Discounting Cash Flow
•Investment Appraisal Methods
•Key Financial Ratios
•Economic Profit (e.g. EVA®)
•Some Equity Terms


•Motivation & Compensation
•Economies of Scale (including Roll-ups and Build-ups)
•Crossover Analysis
•Linear Programming
•Network Analysis
•The Pareto Principle
•Queuing Theory
•Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and Reorder Point (ROP)
•Management Style
•Personality Type
•Total Quality Management (TQM)
•Six Sigma®
•Yield Management
•Crisis Management
•Diversity & Discrimination


•Practical and "Political" Applications
•Key Statistical Measures
•Regression Analysis
•Time Series Analysis
•Parametric/Non-Parametric Statistical Methods


•Money Supply and Its Velocity
•Fiscal Policy Versus Monetary Policy
•Supply and Demand
•Diminishing Marginal Utility
•Diminishing Returns
•Comparative Advantage
•Zero Sum Game
•Creative Destruction

Information & Technology Management

•Artificial Intelligence
•Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
•Telephony and Satellite/Wireless
•Smart Card
•Virtual Reality
•Management Information Systems
•The High-Tech Challenge to Management
•Progress Through Technology
•The “Politics” of IT

Business Policy & Ethics

•Formulation of Ethical Standards
•Corporate Guidelines & Models
•Normative vis-á-vis Meta-ethical Perspectives
•Cross-cultural Considerations
•Application to Specific Issues
•Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Strategic Planning

•Objectives, Strategies and Tactics
•Establishing Corporate Objectives
•Creating the Strategic Plan
•Evaluating the Strategic Plan
•Game Theory
•Forecasting Methods
•Balanced Scorecard
•Variance Analysis

Plus, an extra added attraction...

Career Pathing

•Criteria & Self-analysis regarding job mobility (e.g., Should you get a new job or career?)
•Criteria & Self-analysis regarding professional development (e.g., Do you really need an MBA?)
•Little-known, yet powerful educational alternatives to the MBA Degree, special skills in great demand, and other important tips.


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