Columbia University
Research Doctorate, Management Education (sub-specialization:
Applied Decision Science)

1988 – 1991

Most demanding and most rewarding.

Minimum GPA to graduate was 'B+.' Two day-long qualifying exams. Then, writing and orally defending the dissertation. I asked my faculty advisor: "Professor, how do I know when I'm ready to defend?"

He matter-of-factly replied: "When you know more about your topic than anybody else in the world." I assumed he was kidding, so I said: "Seriously?!" He repeated his reply. I then excused myself, went to the men's room ... and threw up.

Judgment Day. I defended and then waited outside in the hall. Sheer agony. Eventually, my faculty advisor emerged and greeted me as "DOCTOR Sobel." I was so elated that I thought I'd have an orgasm.

Columbia University

When I woke up the next day, I felt very depressed. Why? I realized that I'd no longer enjoy
the dizzying level of intellectual stimulation provided by my brilliant professors.

Demanding? Very much so. It seemed like hell, at times...
Rewarding? Beyond my wildest expectations.

City University of New York
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Marketing

1978 – 1981

Attended school at night while working during the day. A single professor impressed and motivated me so much, well beyond my expectations. Unbeknownst to him, he served as my role model to pursue the doctorate at Columbia University, his alma mater, and to become a management consultant, like him.

So, I applied myself to the max in all classes. Graduated with a 3.45 grade point average. I believe that, had I not been burdened by my daytime work obligations, I'd have earned a grade point average of 3.5 or higher
(Dean's List). To this day, it really bugs me.
Hofstra University
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Liberal Arts

1969 – 1973

Worked as a professional musician while in college. I always earned A's in English and Literature, but hardly ever attended classes. Graduated with a very mediocre C- grade point average. I am not proud of this.

Activities and Societies: Varsity Tennis

High School Graduate, Academic

1966 – 1969

My grades were ignominiously low, because I was bored beyond belief. Virtually all my classroom time was spent sketching images of fellow students, guitars and such, or just "doodling" in my notebook, rather than taking even a semblance of notes. Although I would otherwise have failed all of these classes, I almost always earned grades of 90% or higher on the state's Regents exam in each of these classes, requiring my teachers by law (albeit grudgingly) to give me a final term grade of 75%.

Activities and Societies: Debating team

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