Intellectual Property Alchemy

Trade Dress.
Service Marks.
Trade Secrets.
Fair Use.

Where is your IP (Intellectual Property) located?
What exists as "provenance" for each of these?
How is your IP protected?
How is your IP "inventoried?"
What is the worth of your IP?
Are you an O&O or License operation?
Do you / should you sell or buy IP? What is the potential worth of your IP?
What can be done to leverage, maximize and realize that worth?
Over the years, Dr. Sobel has dealt with all forms of IP. In fact, he became familiarized with IP at a very early age, since his father invented several product innovations. Patents thereto appertaining were frequently discussed at the dinner table.

Moreover, Dr. Sobel personally owns several trademarks (with attentiveness to trade dress), service marks, and has had dealings regarding trade secrets, As a published author, journalist, and composer, he is intimately familiar with the world of copyrights as well as infringement thereupon, as well as fair use.

So, it might be said that Sobel himself is quite a valuable ...
Intellectual Property.

If Intellectual Property is the field upon which you play, perhaps you might invite Dr. Sobel for a game of "doubles," to be your partner, of course !!

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Thank you.
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