Extraordinary command of the language

While working in London, a new client asked, "Milo, do you know the American alphabet?" I responded, "Of course. I assume that you mean the A-B-C-D ... and such ... stuff." She explained: "You assume incorrectly, Milo. That is the English alphabet." As the unwitting "straight man," I asked, "What then is the American alphabet?" Not missing a beat, the lady followed with, " Fooking-A, fooking-B, fooking-C ... and so on." I worked very hard on my business assignment while in London, to her total satisfaction. And, as an American who is proud of his country, I devoted almost as much energy to (circuitously) improving the lady's view of Americans, with a measure of success. At the same time, I took to heart and privately acknowledged some of the legitimate criticisms that she went on to share with me.
Elementary proficiency
"Broken" French, but not so beyond repair. When I spend day-after-day speaking only French with French-speaking friends and colleagues, I pick it right up again.

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