Secrets of the Masters

"A secret may be sometimes best kept by keeping the secret of its being a secret."
- Sir Henry Taylor

Regardless of the field of endeavor, there are those practitioners who are viewed as merely "competent," while others are characterized as "superior," a smaller group who are characterized as "excellent," while only a very select few .... or less .... each of whom may be characterized as "extraordinary" ...."a master," describing the gravity of that person's contribution to an entire genre or era within a field of endeavor.

What kind of "trade secrets" does a "master" employ?
The eyes of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa seem to follow those who view her, no matter where the viewers are positioned within the room.
Coincidence? No.
Can the master in you learn these types of secrets and others?
Yes, to a large degree.
Can you create your own secrets?
Now, that is more of a challenge, but it's possible.

This program will address Masters and their secrets, from artist Leonardo Da Vinci to police officer Robert Gallagher. (I never said that Masters have to endeavor within the arts or that they must be well-known.) This cross-disciplinary approach fosters the frame of mind that is associated with the reaching of insights and creative behavior.

To guarantee that any participants will emerge as Masters would be an unrealistic promise. However, almost all of the participants can learn how to improve performance, whether by "secret" or .... "not-so-secret" means, to a certain extent. Some may modify or improve an existing "secret," and that often leads to rather positive results. And every now and then, a person can create a (Master's) secret, and that can be .... truly magical.

Simply put, one cannot help but leave this program more inquisitive, more creative, more motivated ....
and with a brand new perspective; as a valuable asset, ready to solve difficult problems .... and to identify .... and seize .... hidden opportunities .... and make new opportunities of one's own.

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