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Accomplished (and still aspiring) latter day Renaissance Man, with one foot in the realm of Commerce and the other in the realm of the Arts & Entertainment.

Advisor to top-tier of corporate management, lecturer, corporate executive, author of 5 books and featured journalist 2 major magazines, composer, studio vocalist, producer of records and music for TV/radio commercials (“jingles”), agent, producer/host of cable TV series, "silent bit" actor, graphic/fine artist, entrepreneur ... and more.

Civic-minded (Justice of the Peace, State of Connecticut, May 1998 to November 2013).

Milo Sobel was born at New York Hospital in Manhattan, New York City, at 6:09AM, on June 26, 1951. He was raised in the upscale "bedroom" community of Forest Hills. While studying there, he spent most of his time writing music, playing in bands, and playing "pick up" basketball and football at nearby parks. His school grades were just awful. Following his unceremonious graduation from Forest Hills High School in 1969, he studied at Hofstra University while working in the music business as a songwriter and singer.

Even as a 5-year old, Sobel insisted upon wearing shirts having French cuffs and wearing cuff links to family supper.

Why? Because, as he explained it, dining with his family should be an important ... "event" ... every night.

Strange kid, by his own admission.

FAST FORWARD: Sobel continued to pay his dues as songwriter and musician, struggling in Manhattan and Beverly Hills. While visiting New York, he was unexpectedly offered an opportunity to act as an agent for accomplished producers and composers of music for TV & radio commercials ("jingles"). In fact, he eventually progressed to producing and writing jingles himself.

FAST FORWARD: Sobel earned an MBA from City University of New York, attending at night while working during the day. Especially impressed by a single professor, he decided to shift gears, to earn a doctorate at Columbia University.

FAST FORWARD: Sobel acted as producer/host of a cable television series for two years.

FAST FORWARD: Having graduated with his doctorate from Columbia University, he was guided by that "especially impressive" professor to enter the world of corporate consulting and management education, where Sobel flourished.
He wrote an "evergreen" book that was to serve as his calling card for many years to come.

FAST FORWARD (to the present): Sobel had four other of his books published, with another half-dozen existing either as works-in-progress or completed works not yet sold. He has been gradually winding down his consulting practice, while writing for stage and screen, working as a visual/fine artist and, ironically, returning to his first love of songwriting. In fact, Sobel is in the embryonic stages of creating his virgin album / CD as a solo recording artist.

An "evergreen" book (in 9 languages) and course, presented many times on every habitable continent.


Interview of legendary singer, Tony Bennett, for cable TV series, which Sobel also produced.

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