Professional Experience

The Coronet Group

February 1981 – Present (34 years 2 months)|New York City metro

Corporate Learning (lecturing, consulting and coaching) as well as media production.
Enjoy reputation as creator of the popular MBA IN A NUTSHELL(R) program.
Have lectured worldwide on every habitable continent, reaching more than 50,000 people, including those from almost all Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies and highly-respected not-for-profit organizations
(e.g., United Nations, World Bank, International Monetery Fund).
Author of 5 books, one of which is a very popular "evergreen" (published in 9 languages).

Served as a featured magazine columnist for publications popular in Asia/Pacific Rim, Including World Executive's Digest (widely regarded as the Forbes magazine of Asia / Pacific Rim) and Chief Executive China (most widely read Chinese-published magazine read by Chinese CEOs).

Published and recorded songwriter, studio musician and vocalist; actor; agent; TV producer & program host; writer for stage & screen; entrepreneur ... and more..

Oscar Madison

Carol Channing

Tony Bennett

Name in lights on Broadway

Bobby Scott

Henny Youngman
Currently writing for stage & screen

Manager of Training & Development

March 1987 – December 1988 (1 year 10 months) | Citicorp

Management Education.
Responsible for the learning needs of more than 15,000 employees worldwide for the institutional division of this Fortune 25 company. Conceived and supervised the creation of audio and video libraries and served as executive producer for each, as well as director of acquisitions for externally-owned material.

As an internal consultant, was often tapped by very senior managers to coach them and their high-level subordinates across a very broad range of areas, including but not limited to: applied decision science, marketing strategy, identification and leveraging of intellectual property, operational and strategic planning, and sophistication of management styles.

Founder & Executive Producer
The Dream Network

January 1981 – December 1982 (2 years)|New York City

Conceived, wrote/scripted, hosted, edited and produced weekly, music-oriented TV talk show, Behind The Scenes. Personally obtained all funding via pre-sales of advertising, "Creative" usage of barter and profit sharing arrangements. Solely booked celebrities (i.e., "big names") and top industry figures, as well as other luminaries, to appear as guests. Persuaded all of them to appear ... free of charge !!

Actor & Musician

April 1976 – September 1982 (6 years 6 months)|Numerous

Actor ("bit" and "silent bit" extra) parts, most often as a musician) in two (2) Woody Allen movies, other feature films and in numerous TV series.

As a union "contractor" (i.e., foreman), hired musicians (sometimes 30-piece orchestras) at the behest of producers, for record and "jingle" dates.

Exclusive Music Agent
Represented respected music composers (to write "on order) as well and music publishing companies.

January 1978 – October 1981 (3 years 10 months)|New York City, Beverly Hills, London

Represented several established composers (to write "on order") as well as large "blue chip" music publishing companies (to promote the usage of their standard or hit songs in radio & TV advertising "jingles.")

I am standing on the far right, wearing a white suit.


March 1969 – December 1976 (7 years 10 months)|Hollywood,CA and New York City, NY

Participated as studio musician and vocalist on pop and folk music recordings.

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