February 15, 1993

The distilled essence of the MBA curriculum in just a matter of hours at a tiny fraction of the cost. Over 20+ years, this book has proven itself an "evergreen" that has been published in 9 languages and distributed worldwide.
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Running the Business of Life
Book Baby

November 10, 2013

Interesting and helpful anecdotes and tips.
Wisdom through (my) pain as well as via the generous advice of successful "old timers."

Short Stories & Tall Tales
Book Baby

May 15, 2013

Collection of poignant and humorous short stories.
With the notable exception of a couple, these short stories are particularly ... short.
However, they are quite varied and most original.

The Royal Suite
Book Baby

May 15, 2013

Entire book/story (prose?) presented in poetic form. Unique.

Selling with a Killer's Instinct & a Poet's Touch
Book Baby

May 15, 2013

Method of selling that emphasizes creativity and compression of time in a competitive environment, shortening the sales cycle and greatly increasing the rate of sales closings.

This book is a "must" for anybody new to selling.
It also serves to jog the minds and buoy the spirits of even the most experienced veteran sales professionals.

Rhyme Time
Book Baby

May 15, 2013

Eclectic collection and wide variety of poems.
Certainly, something ... actually, a lot of things ... for everyone.

Chief Executive's Digest (featured magazine columnist)

December 15, 1999

Featured columnist for magazine widely regarded as the Fortune magazine of the Pacific Rim (i.e., Asia, Australia and New Zealand).

Chief Executive China (featured magazine columnist)
Global Sources

December 15, 2000

Featured columnist in the most widely read business magazine distributed solely in China.
This is no small feat for a "gwylo" (in Chinese, a "white devil" or Anglo).

The Provocateur Paradigm (article)
Lamplighter / American Society for Training & Development

March 10, 1988

Initially, a very controversial and much talked-about deconstruction piece about how adults can learn (or not) within organizations if risk is perceived. Initially, it received a very heated "love him" or "hate him" reception. Mostly "hate him." I was regarded as a "maverick," in the worst sense of the word. No middle ground to speak of. However, over the 25+ years that have passed since publication of the piece, the majority of the "hate him" folks have switched sides. Academically speaking, I am now regarded as a "respected (albeit unorthodox) theorist," rather than as some kind of renegade.
Lessons: Trust your gut. Be honest. Don't "fudge" the facts to support your case however weak
your position may seem to be at the time. And ...Stick to your guns.

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