"I have just graduated with an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School. It was all down to what you taught in your programme. Your understanding of business principles was something I was amazed by during your course in Manila."

Allen Robertson ("Alumnus")
Manager, Bar & Restaurant
The Manila Hotel

“Milo Sobel possesses a broad understanding of business and how to honorably succeed at it. But don’t let his impressive academic credentials fool you: He is very streetwise. Milo shares a deep reservoir of practical yet valuable knowledge with joyful ease and good humor. And some of his anecdotes are priceless. As an educational ‘performance artist,’ Milo is to the conference room or auditorium a unique combination of what Laurance Olivier was and what Robin Williams is to . . . . the theatrical stage.”

Stanley I. Mason
Inventor & Member, Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame
(disposable diaper, granola bar, squeezable ketchup bottle, and more)

"At a time when everyone is pressured to do more with less, it's refreshing to find a program like this. It focuses on the "need to know" rather than the "nice to know," performance and function taking their deserved place in partnership with theory. I am impressed. Bravo!"

Marie A. Dumas
National Society for Performance and Instruction (New York Chapter)/USA

"Milo presents a great deal of valuable, important material and beautifully simplifies it without watering it down. The guy deserves some kind of award."

John L. McDonald
Manager, Information Systems (SABRE)
American Airlines/USA

"I have completed MBA IN A NUTSHELL® and found it an edifying and thoroughly enjoyable way to augment my management and business skills."

Graeme Brazenor, MD
Australian Association of Surgeons

"It has been a while since I've completed the MBA IN A NUTSHELL® programme. Since then a great deal of positive events have taken place. I feel very guilty that I did not take the opportunity earlier to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. You delicately brought a real commercial insight balanced with a process base I can really utilise now. Thank you."

Carol Vacher
QR, Ltd.

"MBA IN A NUTSHELL® stripped away the complexity of many other business studies and in a sharp and practical approach armed me for life with the skills and confidence to make good business management decisions."

Alan Ritchie
Executive Director
New Zealand Law Society

"My students graduate and confront the harsh reality of the music industry. I strongly recommend the MBA IN A NUTSHELL® program to give them the business tools to cope and, in fact, thrive."

Anthony Lowell, Ph.D
Professor of Music
St. John's University

"MBA IN A NUTSHELL® is a dynamic learning experience, effectively unraveling the mysteries of necessary business tools. Two days well spent!"

Bruce Acton
Sales Training Consultant

"Of all the consultants I've hired, Milo Sobel is perhaps the most memorable. He is something of a scholar and a spell-binding lecturer, but he is also a regular guy with a fine sense of humor and genuine enthusiasm to share his considerable knowledge."

Derek J. Kennedy
Chairman (Ret.)
U.S. Council on International Banking

"MBA IN A NUTSHELL® made what might otherwise have been dry and boring material come alive. The course kept its promise by emphasizing only the necessary information in each of the key subject areas."

Shelley Evans
Trainer and Sales Representative
Pacific Bell/USA

"Most useful. Fun. Lively and comprehensible."

Dr. Stephanie Jones
Academic Editor
World's Executive Digest/Hong Kong

"MBA IN A NUTSHELL® is a very good summarized course that teaches the most important elements in a business environment."

Louis Yeung
Service Business Manager
IBM China/Hong Kong

"MBA IN A NUTSHELL® is a highly effective business skills program, and is by far the best such program I've attended. Milo's insights, perspectives, and real world examples were of great value to me."

Gloria Gordon
Vice President
A.T. Kearney/USA

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