We assess your corporate image, down to the smallest detail.
Quite literally .... EVERYTHING that your firm’s client will experience, either directly or indirectly, sends that client a message about you. Our role is to make sure that each message is conveyed in the best way possible — if whether the message is appropriate at all.

From the way your telephone is answered .... to written correspondence, to the ambiance of the waiting room .... to the attire of your people — from janitor to CEO... To "closing the sale" (i.e., getting the written order). Done with the benefit of our support, our client might have gotten an even larger purchase order and... Maybe some highly qualified that would be easy-as-pie to "close).

"MERELY ACCEPTABLE" is not good enough for us.
We insist our clients have the best;
Because if they do, their quest for an "edge on the competition" will be moot;
Our system continually facilitates a peak performance.
And since we program that standard to be continual, why worry about "getting an "edge on the competition" when our client already enjoys such an edge? In fact, it is the "ultimate edge."

We work tirelessly to create a .... TOTAL IMPRESSION that will ÿ impress — your prospective clients, converting them into .... your clients. Clients who are already doing business with you will be very favorably influenced by this metamorphosis, but much of this may be at a level below consciousness. As a result, don’t be at all surprised if your previous and unsuccessful attempts at cross-sales and or up-sales with these established clients meet with very little resistance .... And orders ! And, in terms of "word of mouth" advertising," the enthusiastically satisfied client who tells somebody and somebody else and .... well, some of those "somebodies" are going to try your establishment, because "my friend Bill couldn’t stop talking about how terrific you folks were and what great work you did. So, I was curious and though I’d give you a shot at my business."

To ensure total success, we stay in close contact with the client during the "shakedown cruise," (i.e., initial period) and, if necessary, we "re-refine" or "finely FINE TUNE" the TOTAL IMPRESSION and remain available as needed.

For further information, please contact Marion Marx via 203-891-6319 or via Email: milosobel@gmail.com
Thank you.
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