Writers Block (The Sobel Method)

Writers Block is a condition that commonly afflicts most writers at some point(s) in their lives/careers. Writers include (but are not necessarily limited to: established "working," budding and aspiring ... professional authors, journalists,essayists, poets, organizational communications specialists, organizational line/staff managers with communications skills needs, entrepreneurs who write proposals, and others.

Dr. Sobel is ... himself ... a published author, journalist, poet as well as (former) organizational communications specialist, corporate line/staff manager with communications skills responsibilities, and an entrepreneur who has written countless proposals. Moreover, he has written (actually, "ghostwritten" important speeches andletters for senior corporate officers.

It has only occurred twice in his long career, but Dr. Sobel has even written (anonymously "ghostwritten," of course) love letters and "forgive me, dear" notes on behalf of those inarticulate folks, when Cupid's arrow hit ... right on target, as well as those lovers who had ... "transgressed" and begged to be forgiven. (Life can be very interesting, indeed. Don't you agree?)

How does Dr. Sobel help you to overcome the impasse that many a writer faces ... at one time or another? Of course, he draws upon his own experience. (Keep in mind: He has been there, too.) So, he drew upon his classical training as an educator (doctorate from Columbia University) and developed a "system" ("The Sobel Method(TM)"), replete with protocols and contingencies. You might noteven imagine this, but Dr. Sobel also addresses aspects of the writer's life and work that one might... quite incorrectly ... regard as unrelated and irrelevant.

How does "The Sobel Method(TM)" actually work?

It's VERY easy to implement and is extremely user-friendly. The following should give you a pretty good idea about how it works:

1) An initial conversation and/or possible exchange of e-mail letters is scheduled;
2) Having evaluated this/these, Dr. Sobel arrives at a preliminary "diagnosis" and plots a tentative "game plan;"
3) He assigns "exercises." The writer typically regards these as thought provoking, eye-opening, and ... often ... entertaining.
4) This process continues. Dr. Sobel gently probes with questions and offers suggestions. Questions are generally unthreatening and are not truly invasive or too personal.
5) After each exchange, Dr. Sobel will ask "How are you doing?" "Do you feel/see an improvement?" "How so?"
6 Dr. Sobel may even offer "business-oriented" advice, if he feels that will help to... OVERCOME ... the WRITERS BLOCK; and
7) This process will continue, generally at the writer's pace, until s(he) is confident that the problem has been conquered. ("The proof of the pudding is in the taste .");

In his own words:

Although I am a devoted writing coach/consultant who genuinely cares about his clients, I am also in ... business.
Helping writers is extremely gratifying, yet I also enjoy ... earning money.
These two goals are not mutually exclusive.
I am almost 64 years old. I have earned enough money during my career to live free of want. However,

1) "playing" for currency makes the "game" a helluva lot more interesting than "playing" for bottlecaps;
2) If I were to make my services available free-of-charge to writers, I definitely would not be able to meet the demand. Moreover, many of these writers would think: "How good can this guy really be if he charges nothing? I guess, as they say, 'You get (only) what you pay for.' In this case ... nothing, but what the hell. I'll give it a shot. Nothing to lose;" and (conversely)
3) It is important... to the writer seeking guidance ... that (s)he pays for services, because this is a key indicator of "seriousness of purpose;" that this writer really WANTS to be helped.

Notwithstanding all of this, the greatest satisfaction that I can receive ... is to help the writer so much that ...
I work myself out of a job. (However, I always appreciate it when one of these clients ... from whom I either joyfully ... "resign" ... or am joyfully "fired" ... strongly recommends me to fellow writers in need.

It is my hope that you don't need writer support services, but if you do, I'm your man.

For further information, please contact Marion Marx via 203-891-6319 or via Email: milosobel@gmail.com
Thank you.
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