Many people are finding it very difficult to get even a day off to attend a learning program. This may be attributed to work loads that are unusually heavy or corporate cultures that are not training- or academically-oriented. But these employees want to develop skills and realize their potential. Well, we offer a unique solution to this problem. But — Everybody's gotta eat. Right? So, we present lectures ranging from 60 to 90 to 120 minutes or more in duration. Needless to say, we address the topic that you tell us is crying out to be heard. And we add the element of — fanfare. Right down to the uniformed usher who tears the ticket that each participant presents to the usher in order to be admitted. The ticket is torn in half, the stub is returned to the guest, with the greeting:

"Thank you for coming. Enjoy the program!"

We transform a mere breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch into — an event.

Dr. Sobel draws upon his broad network of colleagues and friends to join him as co-speakers; These accomplished individuals bask in the glow of the public light and may already be known to your audience; personages who have made their mark in drama, music, literature, sports, science, and other other areas, as well.

And, we have a merchandising program, so that each participant will leave with an assortment of customized "souvenirs," if you wish. With a small twist, the dimensions of "Season's tickets" (i.e.,seats/tables, as with sports events) or MEAL TICKETS® as incentives can easily be arranged. Dr. Sobel's concern: (MEAL) TICKET® — "scalping!"

For further information, please contact Marion Marx via 203-891-6319 or via Email: milosobel@gmail.com
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