Strategic Planning De-mystified

There is the apocryphal tale of the London taxi driver who greets his new passenger with the question, "Where to, Guv'nor" The passenger replied, "Gee, I know that I ought to be headed somewhere , but I really don't know where."

Many of the MBA-type folks drop the term "Strategic Planning" to impress everybody else. If the truth be told, almost all of them don't really know more about Strategic Planning than the London taxi passenger.

Most business executives have a difficult time with Operational or short term planning.
And, beyond that, they are known to simply change the subject.

For "psychological" as well as practical reasons, decision makers must plan well into the future.
Five years.
Ten Years.
Twenty-five years.
That's the norm for just about every major corporation in the world.
In fact, a most reputable Japanese firm plans 250 years in the future.
(No, that wasn't a typographical error.)

Well, Dr. Sobel introduced an approach to Strategic Planning that requires little more than ... easy-to-understand and to-use ... "applied (business) science." Virtually no theoretical "dead weight."
Yes, just all the reasonably intelligent people that he knows will be able to forecast business performance many years into the future.
And, as a seeming by-product of his breakthrough Strategic Planning process, Dr. Sobel typically transforms them into considerably stronger ... Operational ... Planners. (That's right. They just ... shine ... in the short term, too.)

Don't just take his word for it.
See the "Client & Alumni Roster" heading on the home page of this very website and you will find that executives from so very many major organizations have learned a great deal from him over several decades..
See the "Testimonials" heading on the home page for the words of individuals who have showered Dr. Sobel with praise. Wanna be a crackerjack (Operational as well as) Strategic Planner? Strategically, Plan to put Dr. Sobel in your corner !!

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