All the World's a Stage

Over the years, I've delivered many presentations in a boardroom.
And I've also suffered through too many presentations as a spectator in a — bored room.

Research shows that the vast majority of our fears tend to diminish as we grow older. One of the notable exceptions is the fear of speaking in public or to a group of people. Combining these two opposite themes and perspectives — nervous speaker/presenter and bored audience this program frames the presentation as a .... dramatic or comedic performance, specifically intended to entertain in order to help achieve the primary goal, that is, to make the sale, to motivate, to inform.

As with actual drama, parallel issues are addressed (such as script, casting, director's coaching, phrasing, gestures, wardrobe and "props"). Videotape of each participant's mini-presentations are used to help learn and build confidence, in tandem with supportive before-and-after coaching sessions. Ground rules for criticism are clearly established from the outset and make for a "safe," non-threatening and enjoyable experience.

Stage fright will be .... scared away.
Dr. Sobel has performed professionally and has been a member of The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (AFTRA). He certainly suffered his share of "jitters" and "high anxiety" in show business and as a public speaker and educator, lecturing to large audiences. He shares his "worst case" scenarios with participants and as well as how to easily overcome (if not avoid) these "tough spot" situations.

Participants won't leave the program with an Oscar® or Emmy® Award, but the people in the audience at their next presentation just might think that they deserved one!

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