With the outbreak of WWII, the U.S. Army realized that it had a serious shortage of officers. The Army could not wait 4 years to train and graduate a class of officers at the United States Military Academy at West Point. So, what to do? Some bright person came up with the idea of “crash training” qualified candidates, teaching them what they really need to know … in merely 90 days. So came into being OCS (Officer Candidate School) and its “ninety-day wonders.” By the way, my father was a graduate of OCS.

I thought: If the Army can compress a 4-year curriculum into 90 days (roughly 6 percent), then I ought to be able to compress a 2-year MBA curriculum into … 3 days … less than one-half of one percent of the time.

Theory, as necessary.
Practical applications galore.
To mirror an actual MBA curriculum:
Marketing. Operations & Human Resources Management. Accounting / Managerial Finance.
Technology Management, Business Policy & Ethics, and Strategic Planning.

Cost? A tiny fraction of MBA tuition less than approximately one-percent of the "real" MBA.
Time? A miniscule percentage of that relating to MBA classwork and homework.
Added bonus: As an option, we can address and improve … and maybe solve … a problem lying on the participant's desk.

I have presented the MBA IN A NUTSHELL® Program to many thousands of learners on every habitable continent for some time, within corporate training / management education departments and in public seminars.

Please refer to “Clients & Alumni” and “Testimonials.” You will get a fairly vivid picture of the Program’s merit and my ability to present it with aplomb … painlessly keep your rapt "academic" attention while weaving in a generous measure of humor.

But make no mistake, I really deliver the goods !!



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